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A Van or Dry Van trailer is an enclosed trailer generally used to keep freight out of the elements. These trailers can only be loaded from the rear, and are generally are loaded from a loading dock.
Flatbed Trailers are one of the most widely used trailers; in the trucking industry, due to their versatility. You can load from the top, sides, or rear of the trailer making it a key asset to the flatbed trucking industry.
Hot Shot Trailers are utilized using a Pickup, instead of a Semi Truck. They are lighter, and for much smaller LTL loads, instead of your traditional heavy hauling freight trailers.
Refrigerated Trailers are similar to dry vans in that they are both enclosed, and are loaded from the rear of the trailer. Refrigerated Trailers are different from dry vans in that they can be temperature controlled.
Power Only Pop Up Fleets and Power Only dray give even more options to find the right solution.
Stretch Trailer
Stretch designed for loads that are too long to haul on a standard RGN trailer. Stretch RGN’s range from 3 axels, and up depending on freight weight. The more axles on the trailer, the heavier the shipment can be.
Double Drop Trailer
Double drops are used mainly for over sized freight. The lower deck height, lets you load products that are taller then 10′ tall. It has a longer piece of trailer in the middle that we like to call the “well”. The “well” usually ranges from 25-29′.
Extendable Trailers
Extendable Trailers are for oversized and long cargo, that are too long for standard trailer dimensions.
Step Deck Trailer
Step Deck Trailers are also known as drop deck trailers. They are simply flatbed trailers with a top and bottom deck, hence the name step deck. Step Deck Trailers are designed to haul freight that cannot be transported on a standard flatbed, because of height restrictions along the transport route.
Beam Trailers
Conestogas and Steerables
Removable Goose Necks (RGNs)
Trailers 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13 and up to 20 axles
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We use our detailed knowledge of the shipping industry and technological resources to help shippers and carriers accomplish their goals.
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Hubs throughout the USA allow us to mobilize 100’s of trucks if the need arises. Relationships with each carrier provide an edge ensuring on time deliveries.
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About Us
Outbound Transportation
We can control your outbound transportation and provide the lowest negotiated freight costs within the service parameters that are required. This module will provide you a single source of customer service for all modes of transportation. This service extends from shipment tracking, carrier selection and claim prevention. Carrier selection will be based on pricing, service levels and ability to furnish adequate data systems for tracking and delivery information.
Inbound Transportation
We work with your vendors by selecting the best method of transportation based on cost and service level.
Third Party Logistics
Freight ShippingDirect will receive all freight bills via mail to our location for audit such as overcharge or misclassification of freight and freight payment.
Traffic Consultant
FSD can be your traffic department and help in all your traffic needs. We can also save your company employee expenses by eliminating such costs as additional benefits, insurance and liability claims. Our traffic consultants will handle, but are not limited to, the following common freight occurrences: audit freight bills, claim prevention, as well as securing POD’S.

We are working in your behalf with freight negotiations. *Contact today for your freight, shipping or trucking needs* and we can work in finding you the best transportation solution that will fit your company's needs.
About Freight Shipping Direct
Freight ShippingDirect has over 40 years experience in the transportation industry. We are here to help shippers, manufacturers, distributors and consumers with all their traffic needs. The services we offer are:
Third Party Logistics (3PL): The transportation industry is always changing rules, rates and regulations. We make it our job to remain in touch with any change in the industry and advise our customers the best way to save on their shipping costs and purchasing power. Your company benefits by using our 3PL services due to the relationship we have with our Less Than Truckload (LTL) and Truck Load (TL) carriers.
Freight Auditing Services: Misclassifying and overcharges occur due to the complexity of the publications and tariffs that govern the freight industry making this area prone to rate errors. We can rectify this problem by conducting audit on your freight bills versus the published rates, classification and accessorial charges performed by the carrier and verification of weight and research corrections.
Traffic Consultants: FSD can set up a Traffic Department at your facility or if need be, FSD CAN be your Traffic Department. We can do all your negotiations with trucking companies and take care of all freight claims freeing your staff to direct their energies to the internal process of your company.
Freight ShippingDirect will provide a logical and systematic approach to all your transportation needs and provide an ongoing no-nonsense process for your company to remain competitive in your industry as well as maintaining a improved level of service to your customers while improving your service and generating an improved cost reduction in your shipping.
We pride ourselves on providing the best in class Freight Shipping and Heavy Haul Services. Whatever your needs, we have the knowledge, network, and capabilities to get your load on the road.
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